June 12, 2016 Update

Project Advance 2016

‘Live Gratefully – Give Generously’

Parish Report #5

Number of gifts to date:   89

Amount pledged to date: $54,129.80

On-Line Gifts to date:                   19

Wow! Already 108 of our Parish families have responded to this year’s Project Advance. God’s blessing be upon you! Such commitment, fidelity and generosity inspires all of us to consider what ‘our part’ may be when we ponder how to respond to Project Advance? Within our Parish and School we have 480 registered families. Imagine if every family made a ‘gift’ – ‘tithe’ to Project Advance? Remember, ‘all of us’ and not just some of us are called to be faithful and responsible ‘Stewards’ to the building up of the Church in Vancouver and more particularly here at Immaculate. Every gift and tithe from every family is important to keep Immaculate a thriving Parish family. Please consider and discern what the Lord is asking of you to give as a gift to the Parish you call your home! You can donate using the Project Advance brochure/envelope (they were mailed out to every family). You can give on-line, at the parish office or after each of the Masses. I know that sometimes many of us are simply waiting for someone to ask us to become part of something worth while and transformative…Project Advance helps to make the face of Jesus very Real among ourselves and to the many in need of real presence…May the gift – tithe from your heart become a source of love and goodness for all who come to Immaculate. Together, through your ‘gift – tithe’ we will keep the doors at Immaculate open wide to all who seek Blessing and Real Presence…Remember, your gift – every gift – to Project Advance is important…