June 19, 2016 Update

Project Advance 2016

‘Live Gratefully – Give Generously’

Parish Report #6

Number of gifts to date:   93

Amount pledged to date: $59,629.80

On-Line Gifts to date:                   20

Project Advance inspires Hope among us. Your generosity gives witness to the ‘goodness’ in your hearts… All too often we hear about all the things that are wrong with people, the Church and the world… Your ‘gift’ and ‘tithe’ to Project Advance celebrates that ‘goodness’ and ‘mercy’ are alive and real in the heart and soul of our community and Church. Your gift and tithe will translate into radiating light, warmth and love to a society that yearns for the touch of God… May God bless you for giving such witness… As you consider your gift or tithe remember every gift ultimately gives witness to what we believe in Faith. In living our Faith we must become the presence of Jesus for one another. May God’s blessing be upon all who have given to Project Advance – your gift will be the healing touch of Jesus upon many. And to all who are still discerning how God is calling you to respond to Project Advance please remember that every gift and tithe is not only important but a genuine sign that we are what we pray – the real body of Christ making Jesus’ presence real among us here in Dunbar and beyond.