June 5, 2016 Update

Project Advance 2016

‘Live Gratefully – Give Generously’

Parish Report #4

Number of gifts to date:   88

Amount pledged to date: $51,129.80

On-Line Gifts to date:                   18

As a Parish Family each of us is being invited to participate in Project Advance because our gift-tithe symbolizes our commitment to becoming a vital presence of Church within our area and city. Blessings of goodness upon each of you who have already said ‘yes’ to this year’s campaign. Your gift/tithe actually becomes a miracle for someone in need of God’s mercy and redemption. To help us ponder what Project Advance is I want to tell you a story that Mother Theresa told… once she was consoling a little child who was sick and in pain. She told the child –

‘you should be happy because your sufferings are proof that God loves you very much. Your sufferings are kisses from Jesus.’ ‘Then, Mother,’ said the little girl, “please ask Jesus not to kiss me so much.”

Mother Theresa laughed…she got the joke on herself. Project Advance is how we live compassion for those in need… We just can’t say Jesus loves you – we need to live God’s mercy and compassion.

Project Advance provides shelter and ministry to families in crisis, palliative care for the dying, specially trained catechists for special needs children and many other ministries which become ‘the compassionate kiss of God’ upon the hurts and pains within the life of so many…

Each gift and tithe is important because it becomes ‘a holy kiss’ to someone in need of real love and real presence. Project Advance is all about miracles and holy kisses! Help us to make miracles happen in the name of Jesus and to let the Love of the Lord heal all of us… Every gift is important when we’re talking about Love, Kisses and Miracles…