May 29, 2016 Update

Project Advance 2016

‘Live Gratefully – Give Generously’

Parish Report #3

Number of gifts to date:   81

Amount pledged to date: $49,104.80

On-Line Gifts to date:                   16

A heartfelt ‘thank-you’ and ‘blessing’ upon all who have responded to the call of Project Advance. Your response affirms that you ‘Pray’ what you ‘Believe’ and ‘Live Generously’ what you ‘Pray’! We all know that Project Advance is not just a capital project – it is us becoming Church. Just as Christ becomes physically present to us in Eucharist we in turn are called to become physically present to the real world around us – especially to the poor.

If we receive Christ in the sacrament and don’t see Jesus within the real needs of those around us we’ve missed the meaning of Mass. So in a way Project Advance is a contemporary way for you and me to live Eucharist and be the real presence of Jesus through the ministry that Project Advance enables.

On this Sunday – Corpus Christi – let us ponder how we express and live our solidarity with others? All of us are called to take the Eucharist to one another – sometimes it is simply to be with those who need your real presence. If we eat the body of Christ in Church we cannot then ignore the needs of the body of Christ in the world. In today’s Gospel Jesus told his disciples to share what they have and they did – their sharing to their surprise filled the people not just with bread but with new possibilities… Project Advance gives bread to the hungry but perhaps more importantly hope and new beginnings to so many. So please consider your calling to bring Eucharist to the Body of Christ here in Vancouver. Know that your gift/tithe to Project Advance will gift many with Hope and new possibilities… Remember, every gift/tithe is important – it is amazing what happens when each of us lives what we pray… Thank-you for ‘Praying what you Believe’ and ‘Living what you Pray’ so faithfully and so generously.