Parish Refugee Sponsorship Update

As a Parish we have heard the call of Pope Francis to the Church as a whole to reach out and respond to the suffering of Refugees in our world. We have been called – if not more precisely blessed to ‘Ready the Way’ for two Refugee families. Hopefully, our Syrian family will arrive within two months – our Iraqi family will arrive much later? We especially need to keep our Iraqi family in prayer because they were supposed to have been here by now. The Syrian Refugee crisis has severely delayed their arrival.

Your ‘tithing’ to support our sponsorship of these two families has been blessed. Your ‘tithing’ reveals that God must dwell within the heart and soul of our little Parish family here at Immaculate. In response to ‘the cry of the poor’ your collective ‘tithe’ up to this point is $83,945.00. Your Father in heaven sees that you have embraced his poor. Your father who sees in secret will reward you. You have made the Gospel of Ash Wednesday ‘a word become flesh’. However we have a way to go yet – to meet our hope of $100,000.00 – but ultimately it is the work and calling of the Holy Spirit. May the Holy Spirit continue to open more hearts and minds to ‘respond’ to this particular cry of God’s poor.

On Friday evening our Parish youth gathered to pray for our Refugee families and to learn more about how they can be present and minister within this humanitarian crisis. The Parish ‘tithing’ is wonderful but even more so is to see new parishioners and our youth become engaged and become Church – ‘a real presence’ through our Parish’s sponsorship of Refugees! Your ‘yes’ proclaims that God is at work within our Parish – our embrace of the poor is turning into an experience of our Parish being reborn.