Parish Refugee Sponsorship Update

Thanks to all the students and families who helped to make this past Sunday’s Liturgies so beautiful as we prayed for the needs of Refugee families around the world. Many expressed how deeply moved they were in spirit as you prayed with Word, Symbol and Presence. As a parish let us continue to pray and to work together as we seek to respond to this global crisis. In the hope to encourage each of us to deepen within what we prayed last Sunday Fr. Paul and our Parish’s refugee sponsorship executive have mailed out a letter to each parishioner to encourage all of us to ‘Pray – Tithe – Ready the way’ for the Refugee families we are sponsoring as a Parish. May we become what we pray – the very real presence of Jesus in our global village – a real presence to a very particular Iraqi family and a Syrian family who are waiting for such a miracle… in the name of Jesus Christ miracles do happen!