May 20, 2016 Update

Project Advance 2016

‘Live Gratefully – Give Generously’

Number of gifts to date:   63

Amount pledged to date: $40,919.80

On-Line Gifts to date:                   15

A warm thank you to the families who made a ‘gift-tithe’ to Project Advance this past weekend. It will translate into lives being blessed, healed and restored through the ministry of the Church. Everything from working with young couples who are preparing for marriage to responding to the needs of the homeless in the downtown core of our city. Your tithe is very important because it makes Jesus’ presence and salvation very real within all of our lives…

This year we are hoping that every family in our Parish and School will respond to Project Advance. This year just over ‘480 Project Advance letters’ wee sent out to those who claim Immaculate as their home. We invite you to discern how you might respond to Project Advance so as to keep our Parish home a vital place of Worship, Ministry and Outreach. Every one of us is being called to respond so that the good work of ‘our’ parish and Church may flourish. Our response also leads to the joy of Knowing that we did what belonged to us to do and in the process we brought Grace into the life of another and into our life.

Thank you for being such good ‘stewards’ when it comes to spending your ‘Time, Talent and Treasure’. Your gift of Time. Talent and Treasure transforms the face of our families, work places, the church and our society.

You can give on-line, at the parish office, through the brochure by mail, or drop the brochure into the collection. Just remember, every gift is truly important and is a witness to the Gospel. May the Lord give you Peace.